All about football betting

The game of football serves as one of the most popular sports to bet on throughout Europe, including in United Kingdom. The advent of Internet and specifically the mobile Internet betting technology has made it possible for bettors to easily access a large number of football games played in all parts of the world. Nowadays, you can easily place football bets at portals like Bet365, and even earn a handsome online casino bonus when you do so.

Sports Radar, one of the leading companies in the sports data aggregation industry, had carried out a detailed study and figured out the exact value of the betting market in the year 2013. As per their estimates, which included both all kinds of sports betting markets, the sports betting industry stood at a handsome valuation between $ 700 billion to $ 1 trillion, or £ 435 billion to £ 625 billion per year. The most interesting fact that came out of this study was that football betting constituted 70% of this total estimate, which is huge to say the least!

This gives a fair estimate about the popularity that the game of football enjoys throughout the world, and the number of football matches that take place on any given day of the year. Bookmakers are making the most of the opportunities available to them, and are significantly ramping up their income by offering bets from almost all the professional football leagues throughout the world.

Punters can use endless options when it comes to betting their money on football matches. These options are available both prior to the commencement of the football games as well as while the games are already in progress.

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Various football betting types
Football betting can be categorised into various types and we will briefly go over each one of them below.

Match betting
The most basic form of football betting, or betting on the sports markets in general, this one involves simply picking the expected result. You earn returns depending on the bookie’s price (please note, this price is always subject to change). The choices available to you prior to the start of the match are: betting on the possibility of a draw or betting on either side to win the match. In some cases, you may even get the option of making your selection while the match is in progress, based on the in-play prices.

Both teams to score
This type of football betting system gained a lot of popularity over a period of time once the punters observed that it had great value compared to the conventional match betting option. A popular UK based bookmaker contributed immensely to the popularity of “Both teams to score” betting system by becoming the first ever UK based bookie to provide odds on this option through launch of its popular ‘Goals Galore’ coupon. On a side note, you can even place ‘Both teams to score’ bets at online casinos like Bet365. You may possibly bag an online casino bonus too when you sign-up for the first time!
The basic premise of this betting system is pretty simple – you bet on the possibility of both teams scoring a goal in the concerned football match.

Both teams to score and win
These types of bets are a combination of the ‘match betting’ and ‘Both teams to score’ bets. The odds are usually higher as you’re essentially betting on a definite result and the possibility of both teams scoring a goal. It’s another type of bet that has gained immense popularity over a period of time.

Double chance bets
These bets are basically placed for covering bettors who are betting against a particular team’s chances of winning the match. Double chance bets enable you to pick your favourite team (whom you expect to win the match), while keeping a cushion for the chances of the match resulting in a draw.

Handicap bets
These type of bets are ideal for punters who are very certain of the heavy favourite to win the match. However, the usual winning odds for such bets aren’t too rewarding. The bookies provide lengthened odds for the teams, but the underdog team is given a head start prior to the start of the match. So, a ‘-1’ handicap on the favourite team implies that the team would need to come out on the winning side with at least two goals margin, for the bet to deliver returns.

Under/over betting
The under/over bets are an excellent alternative to the popular ‘Both teams to score’ bets explained above. The basic idea is that you bet on the possibility of the total goals scored collectively by the two sides, to be under or over a certain number.

First goal scorer bets
As evident from its name, you bet on the possibility of a particular player scoring the first goal of the game, prior to start of the game. These type of bets require a certain level of understanding of the game apart from knowledge about the strengths and weaknesses of different players. Although these bets are highly risky in nature, they can deliver excellent rewards if you know the game well.

Anytime goal scorer bets
A variant of the above-mentioned bet type, anytime goal scorer bets are about the possibility of a particular player scoring a goal at any point of time during the game. It doesn’t matter if the goal is scored during the initial few minutes or during the last one minute. You’re certain to bag your winnings if the player you pick does score a goal.

Correct score bets
Football is a highly exciting game and anything can happen even in the last minute of the match. Hence, guessing the right score isn’t very easy. That’s also the reason you stand to win a pretty decent amount if you correctly predict the exact final score of the match.

Score cast bets
This is another type of football bet that’s a combination of the other two bet types. You’re required to predict both the final score as well as the first goal scorer of the match. Hence, the odds are also combined.

About football betting odds
In UK and probably everywhere in the world, bookies make use of odds for rating the chances of any particular event happening. So, any time you place a bet with a bookie, you’ll be provided with the odds of that bet. Such odds are important to understand as they allow you to ascertain the exact value you’ll derive from your wagers.
If you’re someone who’s new to the betting industry, the first thing you’ll need to get hold of is odds and how they work. However, the concept of odds can be a little confusing initially.
For example, the possibility of a coin toss resulting in a tails or a heads is 50/50. A bookie terms this as an even bet, and its odds may be displayed as 1/1, implying that if you do win the bet you’re going to get one times the original stake amount and the original stake as a reward. So, if you bet £ 10 on the possibility of a tails coming up, you’re going to get £ 10 as winnings and your original stake of £ 10 back, hence, doubling your money to £ 20.
Both off-line and online bookmakers, for instance Bet365 and others, do their best in making the bettors understand the concept of odds. Whether it’s about football or any other sports betting, it’s crucial to spot where the value actually lies; and this usually is determined by factors like weather conditions, field conditions, strength of the opposition, current form of the players, travel conditions and more, including the element of luck!
Simply put, betting allows punters to predict results certain event, and a chance to make money if their predictions do come true. It’s the odds determined by the bookmakers that are often used to ascertain the probability of an event resulting in a certain outcome. However, please note that every bookmaker may interpret an event in a different manner.
In United Kingdom, the odds are normally displayed either in Decimal (for ex. 2.00) or fractional (for ex. 3/1) format. The bookies usually permit the bettors to switch between these two different odd types, depending upon their preferences. Let’s look into each one of these odds systems in some detail.
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Fractional odds
By far the most popular method of displaying odds in the United Kingdom, this one is opted by a large majority of bookmakers. Simply put, fractional odds are displayed in the form of fractions. Although these used to be a little harder to understand, compared to decimals, during the school years, they can be easily mastered if approached from the most basic level.
When talking about fractions, the first number indicates the amount you’ll win compared to the second number. To give you an example, betting £ 20 at the odds of 5/1 implies that if you do win the bet, you are going to receive five times the amount of your original stake, as well as your original stake amount. On the other hand, betting £ 5 at 6/4 odds would mean that your returns would be 1.5 times of your original stake.
Please note, fractional odds are only an indicator of the amount you’ll make as a profit. Hence, you’ll need to always keep the original stake in mind too.

Decimal odds
These are comparatively easier to understand and master than the fractional odds. All you need to do is simply multiply your original stake with the decimal/number appearing as odds and the resultant amount will be your winnings (including the original stake).
To give you an example, if you bet £ 5 at the decimal odds of 4.00, you’ll receive a total of £ 20 as winnings if your prediction does come true.
On the whole, the concept of odds is something that will grow on you with practice and regular betting. Furthermore, if you’re someone who engages regularly in betting at online casinos, all such calculations will be done prior to the bet placements. Hence, you’ll not need to do any hard work and all the additions, subtractions and multiplications will be out of the way!