All about football betting

About Free Football Bets

Free football bets have gained huge popularity among the bettors as they are one of the most commonly offered free bets by the popular bookmakers. Bookmaking companies actively use such bets as an effective strategy to spread awareness about football betting and to garner interest of prospective bettors.

Betting is a trillion dollar industry and considering that 70% of it is made up of football betting, bookmakers are increasingly turning to free football bets for increasing their customer base. Free football bets in this regard work as an excellent strategy to engage prospective customers who would first like to try out the system before committing any large sums of money to it.

If you’re keen on placing free football bets, the easiest way to go about it is looking them up on the Internet. You may come across a large number of websites offering such service, with majority of them making it available only to the new signups. Another good way of finding free football bets is by regularly going through the sports sections of newspapers, or visiting bookmaking shops personally for discovering new offers. Majority of people opt for the first method as personally visiting the bookmaking shops can be a time-consuming affair.

These free football betting offers normally work in the following two ways:
– These offers may work on the principle that the bookmaker will match your first bet on any of the football matches that you’d like to bet on.
– Or the bookmaker may provide you with a certain amount of money that you can use to place your free football bets. Hence, you may not be asked for any deposit while placing your bets and would instead be able to use bonus code provided by the bookmaker. All you need to do is enter the code into the system and the bonus funds would be released and show up on your account instantly.

Football is easily the most watched sport in the United Kingdom. Doesn’t matter if the economy is good or bad, you’ll always find people thronging football stadiums to watch their favourite players in action. Football betting has also gained huge popularity over the years and placing free football bets is an excellent method to get initiated into the world of football betting. What more, it gives you an opportunity to enjoy your favourite sport a little more.

One more reason why more and more bookmaking companies are luring customers with free football bets these days is because the number of football matches you can bet on has increased considerably over the years. Every team participating in the English Premier League plays at least 38 games every season. Some other football leagues have the teams playing around 46 games per season. Apart from such leagues, you can also bet on football matches of international competitions. Hence, the football betting opportunities have increased considerably.

However, bookmakers need to abide by certain rules and regulations while offering such incentives and bonuses to prospective customers. These regulations have been primarily introduced for protecting the consumers’ interests, as gambling is known to be highly addictive in nature.

While some free bets may restrict you to a certain market, others may allow you to bet on any football game happening in any part of the world.