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About Goal Scorer Betting

Betting on the possibility of a certain player to score a goal in a match is one of the most entertaining longshot bets that are available among the various football betting options. Pinning your hopes on one single player to generate some handsome returns for you can be both highly exciting and frustrating sometimes. This is because there are all sorts of possibilities on a football pitch.

Unless of course you’re picking a Cristiano Ronaldo or a Lionel Messi to do the trick for you, your returns from this type of betting can be very handsome to say the least. Why? Because those two normally score at least once whenever they turn up for Real Madrid and Barcelona respectively. Hence, betting on them may not earn you very high returns.

However, your returns can be extremely impressive if you pick some random centre-half to score a goal at the odds of 20/1, and he does power in an early free-kick during the initial few minutes of the game.

The whole idea of indulging in goal scorer betting is predicting the point in the match when your selected player will actually score a goal, if he will.

Goalscorer betting options

This type of betting involves different options that you can choose from. Although your bet is always placed on a certain player to score a goal during the match, how your wager differs from the others is when you think that player will score that goal. Or how many times he’ll find the back of the net.

Let’s go through the different options provided by a popular bookmaking website for the Lyon football team, to understand this betting option better:

Player / First Goal Scorer / Last Goal Scorer / Anytime Scorer
C N Jie   /   12/1   /   12/1   /   9/2
J Ferri   /   22/1   /   22/1   /   17/2
B Gomis   /   7/1   /   7/1   /   12/5
J Briand   /   9/1   /   9/1   /   10/3
N Fekir   /   10/1   /   10/1   /   7/2
C Tolisso   /   22/1   /   22/1   /   17/2

As evident from the odds provided above, the club’s attacking players usually have the shortest odds as their only target is to score as many goals as they can. These goal scorer betting options are pretty self-explanatory. It’s entirely up to you to choose who you think will score the opening goal, last goal or a goal at any time of the match. Other bookmakers may provide additional options like ‘First to score for the team’ and more as well.

Both the first goal scorer and last goal scorer options normally have the same odds for every player. Scoring at any time of the match is slightly different on the other hand. The odds are shortened because there is no restriction on a certain player to score at a specific time of the match. You get your winnings regardless of when that goal is scored, even if it’s in the last one minute of play. Please also note, there is no limitation on the number of winners you can bet on, especially if you are predicting it to be a goal-fest!

Bookmakers often include other elements into the goal scorer betting options too. For instance, you can indulge in no goal scorer betting, placing your wagers on the possibility of neither side scoring a goal during the 90 minutes of the game.