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About Match Betting

Match betting is easily one of the most popular and basic betting system that’s been followed ever since football betting came into being. It’s often also considered a part of different titles like ‘match result’ and ‘full-time result.’

The basic idea in this type of football bet is that the punters place bets on the team that they think will win the match, or if the outcome will be a draw. Although different bookmakers may offer different odds for these possibilities, there is usually a general consensus about the favourites of winning the match, owing to their past encounters (with the other team), injuries to the players and their recent form.

Match betting explained with an example

Let’s take the example of the English Premier League fixtures. Following is a part snapshot or grab from the kind of odds you may find at websites like Bet365 and others:

Fixture  1   /   X   /   2
Man United vs. Man City   /   3.40   /   3.60   /   2.20
Liverpool vs. Sunderland   /   1.16   /   9.00   /   19.00
Arsenal vs. Man City   /   2.90   /   3.50   /   2.30
Southampton vs. Newcastle   /   1.72   /   3.75   /   4.50
West Brom vs Cardiff   /   1.75   /   3.50   /   4.75
Man United vs Aston Villa   /   1.35   /   4.75   /   8.50
Newcastle vs Everton   /   3.50   /   3.40   /   2.25
Arsenal vs Swansea   /   1.57   /   4.20   /   6.50

Paying attention to the Manchester United vs. Manchester City fixture, the odds are displayed towards the right of the fixture. Column 1 list the odds of the home team winning the match, column X is about the odds of the game resulting in a draw and column 2 is on the odds of the visiting team earning an away victory.

All you need to do is that click on the particular option, for instance, click on 3.40 for the Manchester United to win its home match against Manchester city, and you would have selected your bet. Thereafter, you’ll need to input your stake amount and your returns would be automatically calculated prior to placement of the bet. The similar way, clicking on 3.60 would mean that you’re betting on the possibility of a draw between the two teams, and clicking on 2.20 would imply that you consider Manchester City as the favourites to win the away tie.

Accumulator match bets

Now that you’ve figured out how you can you can select different options and place your bets, you can engage in some fun by adding more selections and creating an accumulator bet. All you need to do is repeat the process explained above and you’ll be able to add as many bets as you want. There is no particular restriction on the selections you can include in your accumulator bets. The only exception is that you can’t make two different selections for the same football match, as they may cancel out each other.

So, if you make five different selections, the odds from all five of them well be accumulated together and you’ll need to deposit the total applicable price for placing those five bets. Although you can opt for other options too, a fivefold accumulator is easily the most popular choice among different accumulator bets these days. Please keep in mind that all your five selections would need to come true for you to win your accumulator bet.